A Tribute To Veterans On A Rock In Middle Iowa




What a fantastic work by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen of Greensfield Iowa. Now here is a person with great talent  and an appreciation of veterans. You can write Ray at   bubbalca@hotmail.com

8 December 2003

The following is one of those moments we really enjoy. Recently we at support the vets
received an email about a young man in Iowa that had painted a rock and dedicated to to the veterans of this country. When we reviewed the photos of his work it was obvious that this
wasn't a Saturday morning project--it was a memorial with thought and creative appreciation.
We published the photos and a short story that week. The response from our viewers was outstanding. Everyone wanted to know who this unknown talent in homeland America was. I did
a bit of research and found that we have here one grateful young American that has not been given the recognition he deserves for such a deed. We hope to remedy that fact. I asked our
staff writer "Irish" Bob Gossard to do a background article for us. The following is what he provided. As usual, Irish has done a 4.0 job. He even sent the attached photos of Ray "Bubba" Sorensen. Enjoy.

Bill Gast  Editor--  Supportthevets.com   

A Spark of Patriotism!
By: Bob "Irish" Gossard

Funny how things work out! ... Strange things happen in strange places! About a month ago I received an E-mail with the pictures of the Rock in Iowa! Beautiful display of heart warmed inspiration of simple patriotism! This Rock that has been sitting in Iowa has become a monument to veterans across this Nation! I've received E-mails asking where this rock is, and how do I get there? ... Inquiries from Veteran Friends from North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, and California! Strange, as a veteran myself I just passed it off with a warm feeling and a smile of pride, knowing that someone, some where, appreciated the efforts that Veterans across this Nation have contributed to this Nation's Freedom!

As a Veteran Advocate for fair and just Legislation, and a Staff writer for the Supportthevets.com web site, along with friends and other Veteran Forums - I simply got carried away with my mission! I say this because like many of us, I haven't stopped to
smell the roses! My Editor has a spot on his web site that depicts this outside effort -to
expand our own horizons - and that is to show us all that there are people out there in this Nation that do recognize the fact that we have sacrificed Friends and Relatives to the
cause of Freedom!


This young man has initiated a "Spark of Patriotism" in Veterans and non-Veterans alike! Something that would have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been for the Internet, ... its just a
Local thing to this young man named Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II!
 But, because of the notice of his work by a veteran in his travels, it has become a National Matter! It only took a click of
the mouse to show America; that we are truly thought of by people other then our own! We
can make up Stories on why he does this, and make up reasons why he continues, but here
it is in his own words!  Bubba, from Our Hearts we all salute you!


Response From Bubba;
Hey Irish,

I've attached an old photo of me on the rock the first year I
painted it in 1999.  Umm... a little about myself....I'm 24 years old, I
live in Des Moines, Iowa but I grew up around Greenfield, Iowa.  The rock
used to be a graffiti rock that local kids painted on, then in 1999 I got
the idea to paint a tribute to our veterans for Memorial Day.  You see in
1999 it was pre-9/11 and so I felt patriotism was low and that people were
forgetting that Memorial Day was about the veterans not just another 3 day weekend.  I
had also just seen "Saving Private Ryan" and it gave me a whole new sense of pride about our military men and women.  Every Memorial Day since that first year I've painted a different tribute to veterans on that same rock....which you can view at www.sorensencrew.com I continue to paint because I believe in, and love, God and my country and want to express to passerby's that freedom isn't free.  Hope that helps. 
Talk to ya later.

God Bless the U.S.

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

 Bubba atop his first work in 1999

Bubba atop his first work in 99

Veterans Day will come every year, with Presidents laying a wreath at the foot of the
Unknown Soldiers Grave; ... a time of Joy from friends and Family members who have their own Soldier home with them safe and sound! A time of Grief that will never end in the hearts of those family members who lost a dear son, husband, and father! A reminder to us all that "Freedom" isn't free! Something that will always be with us; is our memories we carry deep inside of us; ... hoping that we "Americans" will never forget that there has been, and always will be a sacrifice to share ... for what we have!
It's a wonder that we haven't receive this gift before ... a Christmas Gift called a "Spark of Patriotism" from a man Named Bubba from the North!
 Ray -- May God grant you the opportunity to extend this Great Gift to every American for years to come! Below is a site that you may not have seen, but it shows that even in the world that is not connected to the Veteran Movement; has a pride in the work this young man contributes to THE AMERICAN VETERAN!

 STV Editors

Note: Below is another tribute to these remarkable paintings